Gavin Foo | Sound Design | Production | Composition


Gavin Foo | Sound Design | Production | Composition

I am a Sound Designer, Producer and Music Composer currently based in the Northern Territory, Australia.


Originally from Malaysia, I developed an interest in music from a young age and it inspired me to pick up the guitar, eventually becoming a guitar instructor by my late teens.

Relocating to Perth in 2002, I also began to start composing my own songs, performing with bands live and recording music. In the last few years of high school I picked up art, media and drama studies, where the application of these skills in film and drama broadened my tastes in the audio field.

Between the years of 2004 - 2006, I studied and graduated from the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts in the field of Sound. My experience there includes numerous live design & live mixing of WAAPA Jazz Graduates as well as sound design, engineering and operation for WAAPA Musical Theatre & Acting and the WA Screen Academy. My time there also provided invaluable work experience opportunities at Sound Mine Studios, ABC News and Double G Post Production in Perth; and Limestone Studio, Electric Avenue Studios and Turtlerock Mastering in Sydney.

I gained a decade’s worth of experience as part of the team at University Of Western Australia’s University Theatres, where I designed and operated numerous plays & performances, including a tenure as the Head Of Sound at the University Of Western Australia’s School Of Music. During this time, I freelanced in music recording, sound design, post-production & composition for film and games at my personal studio, Spicy Horse Games, Amusia Studios and Anthophobic Records.

Here are some skills and abilities that I am very comfortable with. It is just a brief overview of my capabilities.

  • Sound Design

  • Audio Editing

  • Music Recording

  • Composition

  • Mixing

  • Field/Live Recording

  • Foley Artist

  • ADR Engineer

  • Voice Acting

Gavin Foo | Sound Design | Production | Composition

Boasting a wide range of recording experience; genre & instrument wise, I have worked on various styles ranging from classical to metal, jazz to electronic. I am proficient in various forms of digital sound technology - this includes digital audio workstations, software instruments and audio plugins; as well as playing guitar, bass and drums.